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Marketing Strat vs Content Strat vs Content Marketing

/ November 17, 2017

I once worked for a company that wanted to stick its flag high and clear above all by coining as many industry phrases as possible. Further, the company discouraged employees from using terminology coined by competitors so we wouldn’t raise their stock as subject matter experts. I understand why a brand would put value in coining terminology, and I’ve been known

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Examining ‘Right Content, Right Place, Right Time’

/ November 10, 2017

This is one of my favorite expressions when it comes to content strategy and content marketing. ‘The Right Content. The Right Place. The Right Time.’ It’s packed with meaning and not a word is wasted. Let’s take a closer look… “Right” Advertising and marketing are built on experimentation. The great part of content strategy and content marketing is that there

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Do Metrics Measure Up?

/ November 7, 2017

I once worked with an organization that decided it would invest in an internal agency to create marketing collateral. I asked the top executive how the organization would measure content success. In a word, he said, “leads.” Good answer, right? Leads. Conversion rate. Open rate. Page views. Revenue. Metrics are critical, but do they tell the whole story? Here’s a

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Channeling Sun Tzu for Content Strategy

/ October 27, 2017

If you had to bet your next promotion on winning Pin the Tail on the Donkey or throwing darts, which would you choose? Blindfolded, and dizzy, or focused and accurate? Even if darts isn’t your sport, it’s probably better than looking like an ass while fumbling around to find an ass. A content strategy not only helps organizations discover content

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The Brick and Mortar of a Content Strategy

/ October 23, 2017

As I sit here fiddling with the best way to approach ‘content strategy’ in this article, I’m reminded why Personas and Business Goals are foundational to content strategy. Let me explain: If you’re reading this, you could be any of the following: Ready to create content to build your brand and engage customers. Struggling to find ROI in your existing

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