Content Strategist

A Flyby…

  • Develop new platforms for content consumption to promote business goals and more effectively support existing customers.
    • Results: Reduced phone support traffic; increased DIY troubleshooting; increased lead generation and sales hand-off opportunities.
  • Lead content auditing projects to determine effectiveness of designs and templates.
    • Results: Discovery in regards to internal obstacles and external/customer expectations in effective content.
  • Pitch and promote new, innovate ways for brands to leverage content in order to modernize and re-invigorate content.
    • Results: A fresh perspective on stale content and opportunities to reach new audiences.
  • Built templates, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and best practices to help global teams achieve effect content for target audiences.
    • Results: Streamlined workflows, globally consistent content, more effective customer-facing content.
  • Function as ambassador for content cross-functionally, helping other groups understand the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of content.
    • Results: Greater clarity in workflows, content quality, and expectations of teams cross-functionally.