Content Creation

Wordsmithing. Storytelling. Writing. Whatever you want to call it, my content might just be the missing link between you and your customers. Emphasizing creativity, strong messaging, and on-time delivery, you can rest assured that bringing me on board will bring you closer to your customers than ever before.

Content Marketing

You don't need to sound like a walking, talking advertisement or sling mud at the competition to impress customers. All you need to do is show that you know your customers and that you can help solve their problem. Threading together pieces of content into a comprehensive, cohesive story shines a light on what makes your company special, and keeps customers coming back for more.

Web & Landing Pages

Now more than ever, people do their own research before reaching out to a company or making a purchase. Your website is the face of the company online. It's a hardy handshake and friendly smile that makes the first impression. It's the middleman between you and your customers. It's the closer you need to turn customer research into business. Let's make sure you are putting your best foot forward.


Is your content getting the attention it deserves in Google and other search engines? Search engine optimization maximizes the impact of your online content, and analytics identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence. If you're unsure how to impress the search engine gods, I can help your content play leapfrog over the competition.

A La Carte Content

Is there a gaping hole in your portfolio of content or an opportunity that you can't keep on the backburner for one minute longer? If you name it, I've probably written it, so let's talk!

Copywriting & PPC

Ads, emails, PPC, and other marketing tactics are the lifeblood of lead funnels. Whether it's complete campaign management or just the messaging, I can help generate buzz and convert leads to sales.

Curation & Content Mining

Using existing content to create something new is a great way to leap forward without breaking a sweat. I can help you squeeze every last drop out of your content and find new content opportunities in places you never knew existed.