Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room for a minute. Why should an organization like yours invest critical resources in writing? The answer is simple: You shouldn’t. Anybody that survived grade school can write. 

What you need is a content producer. Better yet, you need a content strategist and producer that understands not only how to create content that nudges people towards action, but also understands the brand, business goals, and how to make content an indispensable resource and competitive differentiator.  

I’ve been helping organizations with content and content marketing for well over 10 years. I’ve worked with and for organizations stretching from Manhattan publications, to global B2B enterprises, to small businesses in our country’s heartland. I’ve functioned as an editor, reporter, business analyst, content manager, content marketer, production artist, and blogger. I use these experiences to help brands tell stories their customers care about and accelerate actions–be it a click, share, subscription, download, or purchase.

Anybody can write. But, it takes years of experience and a passion for storytelling to know how to create meaningful, engaging stories on the platforms your customers gravitate towards using media they can’t resist. It takes much more than a writer to turn content into a strategic tool that helps businesses grow and accomplish goals.

Maybe it’s the middle-child in me, but I don’t like to self-promote…not even on my own website. What I will say is that I’m confident that if we work together we can get to the heart of your brand’s stories and make connections with your customers.

We can create beautiful content packed with value. We can measure the content and learn how to better communicate and engage with your customers. 

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a blast while we do some incredible work. 

Thanks for taking a look at my website. I look forward to working with you!